• Daily Challenge #5

    Friday 12th June

    Who’s ready for our final day of challenges?

    Thank you to all children who have sent in your snaps and thank you to all who have taken part in Kilmainhamwood’s Active Home Week.

    Remember to check out our Virtual Sports Day activities by following the link: https://www.kwoodns.ie/virtual-sports-day/

    Here’s your final challenges! You can do one or all options but remember your aim is to be active for at least 60 minutes!

    Option A

    Do the Sid Shuffle from Ice Age Continental

    Option B

    Boxing with Katie Taylor

    Click on the image below of Katie Taylor to take you to her class!

    Option C

    Roll the Dice

    You will need a dice to do this challenge. However, if you can’t find one you can use one online here https://www.google.com/search?q=dice+roller

    Roll the dice and do the activity that corresponds to the number on the dice.

    To make it more challenging, why not roll 2 dice and make up your own exercises for numbers 7-12?

    Option D

    Do the Footshake Dance Tiktok Challenge