• Senior Infants & 1st Class


    Thank you to all the boys & girls who have shared photo(s) of their home-learning. It really is great to see what you are all up to during your time at home. Feel free to send on more photos of your work or even a short email to say 'Hello'! 

    Bye for now,

    Miss Fitzpatrick

  • Conor Smith - 1st Class
    Conor is busy spending his time baking, making dinasours out of cardboard boxes, painting, taking his sister Hallie for a spin on his tractor, and playing LEGO. 
  • By Conor Keogan Clarke in 1st Class
    Conor is spending the good weather outdoors, working on his gardening skills!

    By Eoin Cahill

    The children in Miss Fitzpatrick's class are missing each other so much that they have decided to write to each other. This is one of their letter that Eoin Cahill wrote to Liam!

  • By Teagan Owens in 1st Class.
    Teagan in 1st Class is busy doing her home-school work in the sun, having picnics and helping her dad to cut the grass!


  • By Caitlin Monaghan

    Caitlin has been very busy jumping in muddy puddles, making Mr Caterpillar Sandwich from Fun at the Circus. Baking with Nanna by FaceTime, reading time, planting some flowers for mammy and making Easter Cards for my family and friends

  • Conor Smith - 1st Class 
    Conor likes to practice his fishing cast in the back garden and managed to catch a fish when he went out fishing with his dad!


  • By Leon O'Shea- Senior Infants

    Leon has been keeping busy doing his school work, art, playing with his brother and at moment he’s doing a covid 19 time capsule project which he can’t wait to show you when he’s back to school. 

  • James Byrne in 1st Class is busy helping out on the farm! 

  • Rebecca O'Donnell in 1st Class is perfecting her cooking skills with the help of her big sister Aine! They have made plenty of treats and even followed a fairy cake recipe out of the book Rebecca is reading. As well as baking, Rebecca is enjoying the outdoors and playing retro games such as elastics and hopscotch. 

  • Check out Eoin Cahill's handwriting! He's been working very hard on his writing skills!

  • Rebecca enjoyed learning about Space this week and she created her very own rocket. It was great timing as she could get to see the SpaceX launch on Saturday and then watch the astronauts come aboard the international space station! Great work Rebecca!

  • James was working hard on the bog during the June Bank Holiday collecting bags of turf to bring home. He was a tired man by the end of it all!

  • Ella Halpin in 1st Class is working hard doing home-school work with her younger sister. 

  • Faye was busy baking yummy treats, going on long cycles, 8km one day, going on nature’s hunts in the forest and by the lake and hanging out in the trees. She helped her dad paint the bar. She even dressed up the same as one of her dolls and went roller skating.

  • There was quite a bit of excitement last week when Rebecca and her sister Áine appeared on RTÉ's Home School Hub Extra. They joined in to Múinteoir Ray's Drama Class! 

    Rebecca & Áine completed their 'Positivity Poster'. It was great that they could do this activity together! 

    Great work girls! :) 

  • Setanta (SI) & Finn Higgins (1st) 

    The boys have enjoyed their time at home.  
    They've been exploring, and going for walks on the new Nobber walkway.
    Setanta enjoyed being creative with cardboard boxes!
    Finn has enjoyed reading and being out on his bike.
    They've been using the fishing rods their Nanna sent them, down at the lake.
    They've also been baking and doing some school work!