• Spring has Sprung

    Meet Sammy the Seed!

    Sammy the Seed!

    Senior Infants & 1st Class got the chance to plant some cress seeds. We used a clean egg shell. We wet some cotton wool and sprinkled a few cress seeds on top. We left the eggs in the window to catch some light. It didn’t take long before we noticed the seeds beginning to sprout up towards the sun.

    Emily Z also created her own egg heads at home using some grass seeds.

    Before the Easter holidays, we all took home an egg head to look after it. Some of the class added the leaves to their sandwiches at home!

    Blossom Trees

    Check out some of our spring art work below!

    For our Easter art, we had fun creating nests for baby chicks using all sorts of material.

    Hope everyone had an Egg-cellent Easter!