• Welcome to Kilmainhamwood’s Virtual Sport’s Day!

    To get started and organise your equipment, please check out our equipment page here or by clicking on the image below.

    Our School’s Virtual Sports Day is broken into 6 stations – running, throwing, kicking, landing, balancing and traditional sports activities.

    To access each station to find the activities, please click on each of the stations listed at the bottom of this page and it will take you to each of the activities.

    On each station there are 3 activities:

    Activity 1 (suitable for Junior Infants – 1st Class)

    Activity 2 (suitable for 2nd Class – 4th Class)

    Activity 3 (suitable for 5th Class & 6th Class)

    Each activity has an accompanying video to show a demonstration for each activity.

    All activities in the Traditional Sports Day are suitable for all groups.

    Please click on each station below to access activities and video demonstrations for each activity:

    1. Running Station
    2. Kicking Station
    3. Throwing Station
    4. Landing Station
    5. Balancing Station
    6. Traditional Sports Day

    Make sure to use the alternative household equipment outlined in the Shopping List & Equipment page by following the checklist image above to get ready for your Sports Day.

    We are fully aware that each household is different so it is up to you on how you would like to have your own Sports Day. You can have it all on one day or break up the activities and complete them on different days.